Breakfast & Beer

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So over the week we decided to go for breakfast on Saturday to this little town called Daylesford, we went  there once before and accidentally stumbled upon the most amazing little cafe.

Breakfast & Beer, a unique name for a small little town cafe that had the most wonderful food. All food was prepared on the spot and came out fresh. They always use Australian, local and organic products.
We ended up getting toast with avocado crispy bacon, beetroot relish and rocket salad which was an unique combination. The other dish we went with was  warm brioche bun with fried organic egg, Parmesan, rocket salad and prosciutto. A Burst of flavors in your mouth.
I highly recommend this place if you are ever in the area or want to take a day trip. It is also a very nice little town with many things to see and do.

Have a look at their site here

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