The Slip-Ons


Obsessing over the Slip-ons has been an almost daily routine for the past couple of months. We love the new take on the old Vans style shoes which has recently been taking over big name fashion houses. The slip-on revival has taken a new twist of high end luxury while still providing comfort. You can simply spice up an everyday casual and simple look with this new trendy shoe while choosing from a wide range of textures, colours and patterns.

Sooooo, in the end we simply couldn’t resist it. We went out and bought ourselves a pair of burgundy embossed croc slip-ons from Topshop. Now, we are proud to say that we are owners of a yet stylish and luxurious but still comfy pair of slip-ons.

For a little inspiration, check the links below for other slip-ons that we LOVE.

Windsor Smith | Tony Bianco | ASH | Steve Madden | Miu-Miu | Givenchy | Tory Burch
YMC | Givenchy | Windsor Smith |   Rebecca Manikoff

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