Melbourne Welcomes H&M

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RAWfusion2© Something quite remarkable unfolded in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD on the 5th of April. The pavements along Bourke, Elizabeth and Lonsdale street flooded with crowds of thirsty consumers waiting to enter the highly anticipated H&M store. The official opening took place at 10am on that morning.

Australians, and more specifically Melbournians welcomed the Swedish brand, H&M, with opened arms. Now, the clocks outside the historic GPO building are no longer counting down the days and hours of the grand opening. The wait is over!

Along the hundreds of other people, we stood in line for the big opening for about an hour. Yes an hour! We were crazy enough to wait that long as we wanted to be one of the first through the doors to purchase items from the well know H&M brand and to have an inside look of the new shop.

When we finally got to the entrance of the historic building, we were greeted with exclusive gift bags as we were one of the first in line. The bags contained an H&M umbrella (that will be very useful as winter is on its way), some kitchen napkins, a well needed bottle of water and their own magazine; all branded with their logo and an image of the MGPO.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RAWfusion2© The interior of the building was bright with white walls and floors, modern with yet the hint of the Victorian-era, reminding you the history behind the building. Some plants soften the brightness as they were well placed inside and outside the building. The well thought layout allows shoppers to be comfortable in a spacious and airy building.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RAWfusion2©ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RAWfusion2© H&M is one of our favourite brands and we have been to their stores in London and Manchester in the UK (we used to shop regularly from this shop as Andrea studied in the UK). We were attracted to their wide range of clothes that catered for everyone and their affordable prices.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RAWfusion2© H&M never seizes to amaze us, once again they showcased apparel, underwear and accessories for Men, Women and Kids that were stylish, well made and on trend. Except their extensive range of extremely affordable products, the store also offers high-end luxurious assortments that are available for those willing to spend a bit more. In addition to their international lines, they featured a special Australian Collection with a little edge of rock and roll and a bit of bohemian vibes. Part of the store was also dedicated to an extensive home concept.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RAWfusion2©Australia Exclusive Collection


As we hit the store, we took our precious time to look around. We were in no rush let me tell you, we shopped slowly and we took about 3hrs. And shop we did! When we hit the cash register, we splurged about $300 on pants (one of them being from the Australian exclusive collection), a colourful dress, a red knit, denim shirt, a fringe bag and other accessories. We were so tired and exhausted at the end of the day but it was definitely worth it. Check out our goodies in the pics!



The overseas invader focuses on fashion and quality at the best price. Local retailers will be challenged by H&M, as they have been by other overseas brands such as ZARA and Topshop.

Congratulations H&M and welcome to Melbourne!

 G & A xx



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