Lushious Mask

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED RAWfusion2©Hello there everyone! Yes, Yes we are back. We know we have been absent for the past week but we have been busy. We are back with a cosmetic post. For those of you that are following us on instagram, you would have noticed we recently bought a Lush fresh face mask, the BB Seaweed mask. And for those of you that didn’t know that, well maybe you should hurry to our main page, click on our instagram link, and start following us to stay up to date with all our activities. But not know, Wait! Read our review first.

Lush cosmetic brand, is a UK company that makes fresh, handmade cosmetic. All the Australian products are handmade in Sydney with natural ingredients and shipped across Australia. The fresh face masks has to be stored in the fridge, to keep it chilled, as it has no preservatives. In addition, for this particular product once you purchase 5 pots of mask you get one free. Just clean the pots and take them to your nearest store and you will receive your free Lush fresh face mask on the spot.

The BB Seaweed fresh face mask with its nutritious seaweed, cleansing kaolin, antiseptic honey, calming aloe vera and rose is marked as being relaxing, reviving and rich in minerals. It is in fact a mask designed to cleanse, soften and beautify your skin. So we both got to it, we applied the fresh face mask to clean skin while avoiding our eyes and left it for ten minutes. Then we rinsed it off with warm water. We applied the mask a couple of times after we purchased it and we can now confidently say that we simply love it!


It left our skin feeling soft, smooth, calm and with a touchable glow to it. The mask itself smelled amazing, with a strong floral scent that was lingering behind after application. It is a gentle mask both during and after application with a lovely whipped, mousse like texture.

If you have a Lush store near you, you should absolutely consider purchasing one of their masks. We are definitely going back to Lush for another pot of this mask or maybe even try a new one.

G & A xx


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