Mothers day Gift

DIYTeacupCandlesOur mum is one of the hardest person to shop for, whether it’s for her birthday, name day or even Mothers Day, so each time we have to think and search for a perfect present to suit her personality.

As Mother’s day is such a special day and very much celebrated in Australia, this year we decided to go in a different direction and avoid all the cliché presents while trying something handmade and personal. This is something that will come straight from our hearts and will be unique.

Here are some cute and easy DIY projects that you could make for your mother this Mothers Day or any other occasion.

1. Tea Cup candles
3e4d454770526310d4c1101bf09b3604DIY tutorial and photos credit to Hey Gorgeous Events 

Tea cup candles are so easy to make with any old or vintage tea cups you have lying around the house or even look for some at a garage sale. They will give the house or bedroom a soft and feminine touch. You could easily make them with candle making kits or even crayons….. just be creative.
Here is a simple tutorial you could try, or this one from Hey Gorgeous Events

2. Bath salts
Grapefruit-Bath-SaltDIY tutorial and photos credit to Say Yes

Everyone knows how stressed our mothers can be so why not treat her to some homemade relaxing bath salts so she can relax on her special day. They are so easy to make and you can make them with any scent your mother would like. Jazz it up with some scented candles and rose petals, this way you can create a relaxing atmosphere especially for her.
See the tutorial here for grapefruit bath salt. The options are endless check some more tutorials out here.

3. D.I.Y Mug
IMG_8322-576x360DIY tutorial and photos credit to Gimme Some Oven

A D.I.Y personalized mug is such a unique and fun idea. Who doesn’t drink tea or coffee. It’s so simple and easy, and above all you can play around with it whether you would like to write a message, do a nice design or pattern. All you need is a plain mug and a sharpie pen or ceramic/glass paint maker pens. We suggest sharpies as it is the easiest way. You could simply look at the one we found on Gimme some oven or on pinterest for more ideas on how to D.I.Y the perfect mug.

4. D.I.Y sharpie tea towel
DIY-Tea-TowelsDIY tutorial and photos credit to Cherished Bliss

Another simple and fun idea with sharpie pen is some homemade tea towels like the ones we found on Cherished Bliss. Make them as a set so one can complement the other. Write a special quote just for your mother and pair it up with a unique design. Again the ideas you could draw on the towels are endless. Use plain colored tea towels or patterned ones and complement the existing design with unique sketches and quotes.

We hope our post inspires you for your own DIY project.

Until next time.
G & A xx

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