One Year Anniversary


Today is a special day for RAWfusion2 as its our One Year Anniversary…OUPS!!! Okay okay we’re a few days late but hey that’s what happens when work gets the best of you. Our One year Anniversary was on the 6th of March, time has gone by so fast we hadn’t realised that its been a whole year since our first blog post. How time goes by..

One whole year and so many things have changed in our lives since we first started. Moved to different countries, met new people, new jobs and soo many more happy events…

We are now blogging from across the globe. Yes Yes for those who didn’t know we used to both be in Australia and now A is in Cyprus and G in Australia. Though our blog is our own little way to keep in touch with each other and keep up to date with all new things happening in each others lives, we also bring to all of you fashion styles, trends and our travels from each country. A little way to explore two worlds two countries and cultures in one blog.

We would like to thank every one for following us, for constantly showing your support to our blog through the blog itself or through social media. Without all of your support we could not have kept this blog up and running. We hope to continue to inspire all of you through our blog with many new and interesting blog post yet to come and hope to make it through another year blogging.

Once again thank you all for your support.

Happy One Year Anniversary RAWfusion2

G & A xx

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