DIY Easter Eggs

728b6d76409e206e6a53a33723b94282As Ester is almost here, each year we decorate our eggs. This year we decided to dedicate a post on how to decorate your eggs in a more unique way. As we are tired of the traditional monochrome colored eggs that everyone does. So we hope you enjoy some of our favorite designs..

Here are a few designs we love, Hope you give them a go and don’t forget to send us pictures of you’re end results. Stay tuned to see what we come up with this ester for our eggs.

Until Next Time
G & A xx

1.30-deco-eggDIY decoupage eggs

Need: hard boiled eggs (cold), pretty fabric, glue (craft glue)

1. Cute out shapes you like from fabric

2. Carefully paint a thin layer of glue and press fabric down on glue – paint another thin layer on top (make sure there are no bubbles in glue)

3. Dry and if you want a glossy look add another layer of glue otherwise display in pretty dish for company.

Eggs will spoil – so only sit out on table when ready to eat.

Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects,gold leaf and so on
2. 27-creative-dyeing-eggsMetallic – Dipped Eggs

Need: Hard boiled eggs, Monochrome food dye or egg dye, Metallic pens

1. Dye your eggs to your desired color

2. Let the eggs dry completely

3. Draw whatever suits you (polka dots, lines, or dip dye effect)


easter-eggs-decorations-tinting-paint-pastel-shades-half-coloredPastel Eggs

Need: Hard boiled eggs, tinting paint in pastel shades, several bowls, skewers.
1. Hard boiled eggs

2. Fill your bowls with the tinting paint and mix it with some water (not too much)

3. Place skewers on top of a tray a few centimeters apart and tape down to secure.

3. Dip the eggs halfway into the paint and allow to dry placing them on top of the skewers.

4. the-perfect-dye-achieving-picture-perfect-easter-eggs-final2 (1)Golden Marbled Eggs

Need: Hard Boiled Eggs,  egg dye (color of your choice), Gold leaf sheet kit

1. Dye your eggs to your desired color ( mix and match colors don’t stick to one color have a few different colored eggs keep to the pastel colors if possible)

2. Allow eggs to completely dry

3.  Apply a small layer of size ( glue in gold leaf kit- or use craft glue) do not cover entire egg, just a few dabs here and there

4. Apply gold sheet onto egg

5. Rub down with your finer or with the foam brush (excess leaf will simply fall off)

All tutorials via Pinterst 

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